Friday, August 31, 2007

your voice across the line gives me a strange sensation.

ok... after some debate (ok, just a little), i have decided to post and ask for help...

a man called the paper a couple months ago asking when his photo would be published. he left a message at my desk. since i did not remember taking his photo, i searched the archive and could find nothing. as i was headed out to an assignment, i just called him back from my cellular telephone, or mobile (as the kids call it these days). he was not there, so i just left a message and told him our library may be able to help him out.

days pass...

i got another call from him on my mobile. he spoke with familiarity. i was vague. he may have asked to hang out (i can't remember all the details). i just mentioned that i had to go out of town, which was the truth.

a week later, another call. 1130p. "did i wake you up?"
"no." it was a lie, but only after i hung up did i realize i was asleep. he wanted me
to come hang with a few buds at a park. seymour smith park, as i recall. i have shot high school baseball there. heckuva nice park.

on the road again... another call. (a smarter man would have programmed the number in by then.) i was a little ill. said sorry, i was busy.

there were a couple messages sprinkled in there... in the middle of this, i started to figure out that he thinks we went to high school together. but, the calls stopped for a bit. some friends also suggested that at this point, i should just ignore and hope it goes away. they said it would serve no purpose to make him feel dumb at this point...

well, i recognize the number now. he has called three times this week and is now programmed it the phone. how should i handle this? should i just keep collecting the voice mails?

help a brother out here, people...

tuesday's message:

thursday's message:

friday's message:

Thursday, August 30, 2007

southern trees bear strange fruit.

it is now open windows season. my favorite time of year. i will miss how good gin and tonics taste on a hot day. another thing i will miss is all the good the produce.

good thing for south american imports...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

forget the flowers.

a light test for a food shot. i think this photo may be better than my actual food shot.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

a public service announcement followed me home the other day.

a comment we photographers hear quite a bit is, "don't take my picture. it will break your camera." not a threat, but usually said in a self-depreciating sort-of-way.

well, it finally happened...

... or maybe my pliers and my lens got into a disagreement in the trunk.