Thursday, September 11, 2008

i woke up thirsty the day I died.

my friend sarah tells me this is a swan. i am taking her word for it... shot this back in july when they were draining the olympic trial pool water into this pond. this was better than any other image i took that day. doesn't say much, eh?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

all tomorrow's parties.

i am trying to catch up, people (well, the five people who look at this)...
these are back during my trip to rapid city to visit the soderlins. ryan cooked up this huge hunk of beef, which should surprise no one who knows him...

it turned out fantastic, which should also not surprise a soul.

also, ryan surprised me by pulling out "beer christ," which was my graduation present to him back in the last millennium, circa 1997, i think. this was shortly after "piss christ" got some headlines. to me, this summed up parts of ryan's personality. i spent a number of hours on it, actually. glad i did. it has aged well (it pry helps that ryan keeps it in a closet, which is truly where it belongs).

i got a union card and a wedding coat.

worst-ever parade? the labor day parade. also what made it worse is a spent 45 minutes on that assignment and four hours on a labor day birth shoot, which was supposed to go display. i bet all you newspaper photogs out there know how that turned out in the morning paper...

i thought this shot was kinda funny, though. you would think someone would have noted this before the parade started: