Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i can't feed on the powerless when my cup's already overfilled.

someone will have to explain to me what big dogs have to do with drinking responsibly. and do you think that the guy with the lousy job of cleaning up the mess also has the lousy job of trying to get that person to pay?

this was from the avoca quack-off. i swear the event used to have better pictures.

also, for those keeping score at home (wild bill), i got sick last week for the first time in a number of years. it had nothing to do with drinking, either. a shame, really.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

i am the iceman, fightin' for the right to live.

a few weeks ago we were supposed to get a bunch of snow overnight, so i set my alarm early. sometimes the best way to feature hunt in the snow is on foot. not this morning, though. pretty much came back home empty-handed. we did not get the snowfall that was predicted, and i did not find a cool feature. heck, i was a better picture than anything else i saw.

one coworker likes to say nice light follows me around. well, he is not with me on mornings like this when i get nothing.

for those wondering: the beard was usually was not so unkempt-looking. like i said, i just rolled out of bed. and it is back short again (wishful thinking for spring).

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

did you hear about the midnight rambler?

shot this at the zoo a while ago while doing something on other cats. how scary would it be to be camped out somewhere in south america and just see the eyes of this jaguar in the night?

Friday, February 08, 2008

there are things you have said. raise the boat and raise the dead.

had a long day of obama yesterday. i think i did ok, though, which is nice. shot a free concert by bright eyes at the end of the day. jim james and m. ward showed up, too, which is nice.

i should have made the red galoshes more prominent, still kinda fun, right?