Saturday, August 30, 2008

roll me away.

on the way to the husker game.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

i will fix your rack if you'll take old jack, my dog.

i am sure if robbie robertson would have met mona the cat, he would have written about her instead of a dog...

my friends ryan and julie picked up this cat at the shelter. worst cat ever. not only does she pick fights with the other cat and keep me up at night, she steals money.

on the other hand, i did get to spend a day with my favorite dog, babe. she has gotten a little bit more gray then the last time i saw her, but still a pretty dog.

her brother baron, is a heckuva guy, too, but not pictured.

it was a night like this forty million years ago...

when i was visiting ryan and barb in rapid city, i made ryan go up to dinosaur park to take my picture on the mountain. i went there when i was a little kid. still pretty cool, man...

photo by ryan soderlin

Saturday, August 02, 2008

and eyes like a showroom.

headed down to lincoln last night for my friend andrea's opening at the burkholder during first friday in lincoln. she sold a few pieces and really seemed to enjoy the evening, as well she should. it was deserved.

it's cloudy out in pittsburgh, it's raining in saigon.

i am a little behind on updates... went up to burwell to shoot the rodeo. unfortunately for me, it was cloudy again for two days that i was there (just like last year). on the plus side, shooting that rodeo in the dark sure beats shooting in omaha.